Fees and Charges

Q1. What are the costs involved?

A. Fees are divided into four categories of payment:

  • Basic Daily Care Fee - contributes towards your daily living costs, including nursing care, meals, linen and laundry, as well as the general running costs of the facility.
  • Extra Service Fee - this is the fee paid for additional services including menu choices, additional resident activities, higher standards of accommodation and personal care services.
  • Accommodation Bonds - An accommodation bond is an amount you may be asked to pay when you enter a low care or high care extra service facility. It is similar to an interest free loan to the aged care facility to help offset costs of the development and running of the facility. The aged care facility is entitled to deduct monthly amounts, called "retention" from the Bond. The Government sets a maximum retention amount for up to five years. This monthly retention amount remains unchanged from your date of admission. The balance of the bond is refunded to you or your estate, when you leave the aged care service.
  • An additional fee known as "income-tested fee" is charged to residents who have a higher level of income (if applicable). This fee is assessed and determined by the Department of Health and Ageing. Through a means test assessment of annual income to determine what extra contribution a resident provides to their care. The approved provider will charge this fee when specified by the Dept of Health and Ageing. This fee is deducted from the Provider's Care Subsidies. This result in no way benefits the Provider.

Q2. How much will it cost me to become a resident at Tallwoods Corner Aged Care Service?

A. The cost of fees to a resident at Tallwoods Corner can vary depending on the amount of Accommodation Bond paid. For further information regarding the cost of residential care please contact our Admissions Manager or for general information refer to the government's web site www.health.gov.au or call the Aged Care Information Line 1800 500 853.

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