Our keypad security into and exiting the building has been put into place to ensure the safest of living environments for everyone at Tallwoods.


We have incorporated an undercover drop off and pick up drive through area for convenience of visiting. In addition, there is also ample parking for family and friends, making visits and outings easy and stress free.

Waitara train station is also a 5min walk from Tallwoods Corner for those visiting by public transport.

Your children

Your family is our family! Children are enormously welcome and much encouraged to come and enjoy the Tallwoods experience with our beautifully designed, well equipped playground area.

With fun activities, great recreational spaces, comfortable lounges, a brand new playground, picturesque gardens, stunning terraces and a private function room, we endeavour to ensure that everyone, from each generation of your family is happy, content, relaxed and comfortable being a part of life here with us at Tallwoods Corner.

Come and join the family!

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